Ironwood is an Australian-based ensemble, committed to exploring music of the baroque, classical and romantic periods on early string and keyboard instruments.


The ensemble was established in 2006 as a flexible group of players, drawing on a wealth of experience from across the globe. The members are some of Australia’s most respected early and contemporary chamber musicians.


Ironwood believe that historically informed performance should be complemented with new material and has an active commissioning program for music on early instruments.




Ironwood Concert Season 2017


Come experience Ironwood’s vibrant 2017 season devoted to three centuries of incredible chamber music and education activities drawing on world-class expertise in historically informed performance (HIP).


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Upcoming Concerts



Saturday 22 April


The Poetic and the Fantastic


Schmelzer Lamento sopra Ferdinandi III

Schmelzer Die Fechtschule

Biber Balletti

Becker Sonata no. 3

Becker Pavan



Julia Fredersdorff (violin), Anna McMichael (violin), guest viola player, Daniel Yeadon (cello and viola da gamba), Neal Peres Da Costa (harpsichord and organ)



Glebe Town Hall - 6:30pm


In Season 1 we present the rich and unusual sounds of the seventeenth-century stylus fantasticus era. Heinrich Schmelzer, the famous composer associated for much of his life with the Habsburg Court in Vienna, developed string playing style and technique influencing later European masters including Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber and Johann Sebastian Bach.

Schmelzer’s Sacro-profanus concentus musicus explores diverse character pieces such as Die Fechtschule (The Fencing School evoking battle) and the famous homage on the death of the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III - Lamento sopra il morte Ferdinandi III, which exploits rhetorical gestures representing words and feelings from the art of Musica Poetica. Biber’s Balletti give an insight into the furtive imagination of this most interesting of seventeenth-century composers who pushed the boundaries of style and effects.

The organist and violinist Dietrich Becker’s rarely heard instrumental works are among the most rich and inventive of the seventeenth century.





Ironwood with Anneke Scott


Acclaimed Australian period-instrument ensemble Ironwood and internationally renowned horn player Anneke Scott present a disc celebrating the music of Mozart, and exploring the composers who were seduced by its beauty, inspired by its innovation – and who crafted their own music around its most sublime moments.





Australian period-instrument Ironwood shines new light on two of the most popular chamber works of the Romantic era, revealing the passion, power and intimate beauty of Brahms as they perform on the instruments the composer knew and loved.



Miriam Allan - Ironwood


This beautifully packaged CD contains a stunning collection of English works performed by Australia’s premiere period chamber ensemble, Ironwood and the magnetic UK-based soprano, Miriam Allan. Featuring best-selling tracks such as Music for a While, If Love’s a Sweet Passion and Fairest Isle by Purcell, and chamber works by Handel including Silete venti.



Diana Doherty - Oboe

with Ironwood


Johann Sebastian Bach wrote sublime music for the oboe; here it is performed by Australia’s leading early music experts Ironwood, featuring our own world-renowned Diana Doherty, one of our most charismatic performers (and one of ABC Classics’ best-selling artists!).


This uplifting album is enhanced by a bonus DVD.


Ironwood is an Australian-based ensemble, committed to exploring music of the baroque, classical and romantic periods on early string and keyboard instruments.